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Will You Love Me Against All Odds?

The last few weeks have been, to quote a colleague:
“The biggest psychological experiment of all times”.

Trying to keep a sense of normalcy and routine throughout this global ordeal has been taxing. Needless to say, some of us have lost our patience more than once.

Love Across Time

I didn’t get a chance to write a newsletter last month – I was fully immersed in work, life, and family. And truth to be told, emotionally, I felt overwhelmed at times.

This last February, I saw, and felt, a lot of heartache in my therapy room…

Growth and Calm in Uncertain Times

“If uncertainty was renamed possibility, how would you show up differently?”

I read this today and found it incredibly resonating, and strangely comforting. In Germany, we are starting week 3 of this new and strange alternate reality in which relating to others in closeness has become a matter of safety, and fear….

Priorities and Love

I was talking to a good friend lately about relationships and love – not from a professional standpoint, but from a personal one. We talked about what our priorities are now in our current stage in life…

Books & PDFs

The Love Secret

Check out this book if you want to learn about the science behind love – in essence, how our brains react to it, how our health improves and thrives in it, and how relationships and bonds can be strengthen and repaired through it.

Feelings Inventory I

Send me an email if you’d like a PDF of this. Or download from this link.

Feelings Inventory I

Second side!

Resources in Hamburg