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Does this version of You like this version of Me?



I had a session recently where my client and I were talking about how relationships evolve throughout the years, and my client beautifully summed up the fear that comes every so often for them by asking,

“Does this version of You like this version of Me?”

The vulnerability just at that moment was so tender, and risky…

Do you care for your Self?


I like to think that being a therapist I’m a little ahead of the curve when it comes to Self-Care but the truth is that I tend to leave my Self last on the list, more often than not.

There’s family and work, and the never-ending To-Do list that magically keeps itself long. Did I mentioned kids already? It’s a merry-go-round that unfortunately, has shown me [time and time again] that if I don’t step out every so often, I will fall, and hard.

Will You Love Me Against All Odds?

The last few weeks have been, to quote a colleague:
“The biggest psychological experiment of all times”.

Trying to keep a sense of normalcy and routine throughout this global ordeal has been taxing. Needless to say, some of us have lost our patience more than once.

Priorities and Love

I was talking to a good friend lately about relationships and love – not from a professional standpoint, but from a personal one. We talked about what our priorities are now in our current stage in life…

Growth and Calm in Uncertain Times

“If uncertainty was renamed possibility, how would you show up differently?”

I read this today and found it incredibly resonating, and strangely comforting. In Germany, we are starting week 3 of this new and strange alternate reality in which relating to others in closeness has become a matter of safety, and fear….

Unconditional Love


There’s a notion out there, that when we fall in love, when we choose our partner, when we commit to a life together, the love expressed will be ‘unconditional’.

I see the disappointment in couples’ faces when they come in, holding a wounded relationship in between them, unable to connect with each other through words, least of all with actions,
and wondering:
What happened?

Love Across Time

I didn’t get a chance to write a newsletter last month – I was fully immersed in work, life, and family. And truth to be told, emotionally, I felt overwhelmed at times.

This last February, I saw, and felt, a lot of heartache in my therapy room…

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