Marriage & Family Therapy

Had you ever heard of such a beautiful albeit strangely sounding word? 
To journey into intentional change of your Self, your mind, 
your heart, and your way of life.

I think this perfectly embodies what our start into this new year should look like. Not resetting and giving ourselves a blank slate to start again with  the ‘failed’ goals from the year before. But rather, embracing that our journeys are anything but black-or-white. They are often filled with twists and unseen plots; challenges and heart aches; and surprising adventures. 

I see time and time again, the bravery and courage that individuals, couples, and families muster when they reach out for the first time and ask for help. When they sit across from me and trust me with their stories. 

And each and every time, I am amazed by others’ resilient nature: of not giving up, and wanting to find a way forward – for themselves and their relationships.

Individually and in togetherness: encompassing metanoia.

So, my wish for you and your loved ones this 2020: to continue your journeys with intention, and care. And when you wake up tomorrow, don’t focus on the “I didn’t dos” but  pinpoint the “I did dos” and the “I will continue doing”.

You are awesome and unique, and your journey is your own.
Continue enjoying it as 2020 starts.

Warm Regards,